Gymnastics NSW SMC Gala Competition

Westfields Sports High School, 18 August 2013

Well done to all the Honda girls at yesterday's Gymnastics NSW SMC Gala Competition.

NDP 1-3 and SS4-10 competitions are team based with 3-5 team members and the top 3 scores counting. All the Honda teams did great picking up awards.

Level 1 NDP Team - Georgie, Chloe, Taylor, Sophie and Caitlyn  
2nd on bars, 3rd vault and 3rd overall!!! 

Level 2 NDP Team A - Anyka, Ruby, Holly, Emily 
1st Vault, 1st Bars, 3rd Beam, Overall 2nd
Team B - Maddie, Jess, Stephanie
3rd Bars

Level 6 State Team - Amy, Bella, Leah
Overall 2nd, Beam 1st, floor, bars, vault 2nd

Prep 1-3 Competitions are individual with girls receiving graded ribbons depending on their scores.
Well done to all the prep girls who competed with some brilliant results. 
Level 1 Prep - Isabel S, Zarli V, Jasmine S, April S, Abigail R, Sarah M, Lauren M, Lucinda G, Mika C, Amber B, Emma B
Level 2 Prep - Myra M

Congratulations, well done to all the Honda Girls!

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