NSW Gala Competition

Manly-Warringah Gym Club, 16-17 June, 2012.

The Results:

Ribbons were give to the gymnasts based on their score. 

Blue(highest) – Red – Green – Purple - Gold

Level 1 Preparation: (passing mark 44pts)

            Jacobin Clarke –Jones            55.75   Received Blue Ribbon 

            Bronte Cormican-Jones         54.15   Received Red Ribbon

            Magali Noble                         54.10   Received Red Ribbon

            Keeley Noble                          53.25   Received Red Ribbon

            Emmanuelle Dahdah            53.20   Received Red Ribbon

            Chiara Nunes                         53.10   Received Red Ribbon

            Lydia Vieira                           52.95   Received Red Ribbon

            Taylor Ussher                        52.65   Received Red Ribbon

            Eloise Hornery                       52.40   Received Red Ribbon

            Kelly Yan                               52.35   Received Green Ribbon        

            Ryannec Coe                          52.10   Received Green Ribbon

            Chloe Martion                        51.35   Received Green Ribbon        

Level 2 Preparation: (passing mark 44pts)

            Auria Nunes                           53.95   Received Red Ribbon

            Carla Pitman                         53.60   Received Red Ribbon

            Maravel Conte                       53.45   Received Red Ribbon

            Tara Wilson                            47.25   Received Gold Ribbon

Level 3 Preparation: (passing mark 44pts)

            Erica Pitman                          53.55   Received Blue Ribbon 

            Phoebe Pollard                      50.10   Received Green Ribbon

Level 4 State: (passing mark 52pts)

            Jessica Binet                            52.20

            Brooke Laurie                        52.05

            Abbey Walker                       50.90

            Jasmin O’Connell                  50.15

            Eloise Buining                        49.00

            Team Overall 4th (12 teams competed)

            Team Vault 4th

            Team Bars  3rd

            Team Beam 7th

            Team Floor 8th

Level 5 State: (passing mark 52pts)

            Amy Percival                         54.45

            Leah Williams                        53.20

            Isabella Wagstaff                   52.50

            Team Overall 3rd  (4 teams competed)

            Team Vault 1st

            Team Bars  3rd

            Team Beam 3rd

            Team Floor 4th

Level 1 National Team A: (passing mark 44pts)

            Ruby Gowthorp                     54.80

            Emily Pearson                       53.55

            Emily Gates                           53.50

            Maddelynne   Binet               52.55

            Holly Nesbitt                         52.00

            Team Overall 2nd (18 teams competed)

            Team Vault 2nd

            Team Bars  2nd

            Team Beam 1st

            Team Floor 1st

Level 1 National Team B: (passing mark 44pts)

            Stephanie Tran                      50.40

            Amelia Wingfield                  50.25

            Brooke Hoffman                    50.20

            Team Overall 10th (18 teams competed)

            Team Vault 12th

            Team Bars  7th

            Team Beam 12th

            Team Floor 10th


Level 4 National: (passing mark 52p)

(No team result due only 2 gymnasts)

            Lauren Millar                         52.45

            Olivia Tingay                         50.40


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