Grading Day Term 4

Sunday Dec 4

Bronze - Gold Awards were received by:

Bronze Gymnasts Awards

  • 1st Georgie Shipton
  • 2nd Gabi Cameron
  • 3rd Drew Berzins

Congratulations to the following girls passing Bronze Award include above girls.
Bridget Lynch, Emma Berzins, Annabelle Gill, Katherine Hughes, Allisha Millington, Annie Burke

Silver Gymnasts Awards

  • 1st Zarli Vaughan
  • 2nd Olivia Buchan
  • 3rd Anna Jones-Blair

Congratulations to the following girls passing Silver Award include above girls.
Cameron Graham, Nikita Kyrikos.

Gold Gymnasts Awards

  • 1st Emily Gates
  • 2nd Georgia Rich
  • 3rd Abby O’Mahoney

*We would like for the girls who missed the passing mark for the Bronze ~ Gold Awards to try again at next grading in term 1, 2012.

Level Gymnast Awards

Level 2 Gymnasts

  • 1st Maravel Conte
  • 2nd Elle Solferini
  • 3rd Auria Nunes

Level 3 Gymnasts

  • 1st Phoebe Pollard

Level 4 Gymnasts

  • 1st Brooke Laurie
  • 2nd Lauren Millar
  • 3rd Olivia Tingay


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