GNSW L1-3 State Championships

October 15-16, 2011 held at SOPSC

Results below are for the team results and how the team placed for each apparatus

L/1 Junior A Team: Carla Pitman Team 5th
Apparatus Vault – 6th, Bars – 5th, Beam – 4th, Floor – 5th

L/1 Senior A Team: Elle Solferini Team 1st
Apparatus Vault – 3rd, Bars – 2nd, Beam – 1st, Floor – 2nd

L/1 Senior B Team: Maravel Conte Team 4th
Apparatus Vault – 1st , Beam – 4th, Floor – 6th

L/2 Intermediate B Team: Erica Pitman & Lauren Millar Team 4th
Apparatus Vault – 5th, Bars – 4th, Beam – 1st, Floor – 4th

L/2 Senior B Team: Nicola Thompson & Phoebe Pollard Team 9th
Apparatus Vault – 4th,

L/3 Junior B Team: Olivia Tingay Team 7th
Apparatus Vault – 4th,

L/3 Intermediate A Team: Abbey Walker Team 1st
Apparatus Vault – 2nd, Bars – 2nd, Beam – 1st, Floor – 2nd

L/3 Intermediate B Team: Eloise Buining & Jasmin O’Connell Team 7th
Apparatus Vault – 6th, Floor – 5th

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