GNSW l/1-3 Northern Region State Teams Announcement

Results taken from L/1-3 State Trial 1&2

The Northern Region is made up of gymnastics clubs from Manly, through to Epping, and up to the Hornsby area with all areas inbetween as well.  At the recently held L/1-3 State Trial Selections there were more than 300 gymnasts from these clubs that tried out to make the teams.

Teams consist of 5 gymnasts + 1 reserve, who received the top overall scores taken from the 2 competitions.

Gymnast from Honda Academy who were selected for teams to represent the Northern Region in the upcoming State Competition are:

Level 1 Junior A Team - Carla Pitman
Level 1 Senior A Team - Elle Solferini
Level 1 Senior B Team - Maravel Conte

Level 2 Intermediate B Team  - Lauren Millar & Erica Pitman
Level 2 Senior B Team  - Phoebe Pollard & Nicola Thompson

Level 3 Junior A Team  - Ella Chitty (reserve)
Level 3 Junior B Team - Olivia Tingay & Brooke Laurie (reserve)
Level 3 Intermediate A Team - Abbey Walker
Level 3 Intermediate B Team - Elosie Buining & Jasmin O'Connell

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