2014 - Grading Day, Term 1

HGA 6 April 2014

Well done to all the girls who attended Term 1 Grading Day including some girls who have only joined the club this term. Results below and photos in the gallery. 

Grading Days are a great opportunity for the girls to have their skills assessed and get a written assessment of the areas they are excelling in and the areas they need to work on. Girls who receive the pass mark may move up to the next level (Bronze - Silver, or Silver - Gold).


1st Evie S.
2nd Gemma H.
3rd Brooke P.
4th Scarlett H.
5th Honey T.
6th Amber J.
Also passed: Sienna J and Piper G

1st Rosie O.
2nd Mary O.
3rd Holly K.
4th Tara T.
5th Anais B.
6th Emily D.
Also Passed: India B, Sairsha D, Maya C, Charlotte M, Hannah P
Scored over 50%: Margaret O, Aditi K, Kainaat T, Sophie M - Well done girls, keep working on the skills required and good luck for the next grading day.

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