NDP 1-3 Northern Region State Trial 2

25th August 2013, Manly Warringah Gymnastics Club

Competition Results
L/1 Jnr.
Lara        V-8th, Bars-16, BB-9, FX-10            Overall-11th
Caitlyn  V-20th, Bars-14, BB-14, FX-16       Overall-17th
L/1 Int.
Chloe    V-16th, Bars-2, BB-9, FX-25            Overall-11th
Sophie  V-18th, Bars-9, BB-20, FX-22         Overall-19th
Taylor    V-16th, Bars-11, BB-23, FX-27       Overall-24th
L/1 Snr.  tbc
L/2 Jur.
Emily     V-2nd, Bars-3,     Overall-2nd
L/2 Int.
Ruby      V-10th, Bars-1, BB-7, FX-4              Overall-2nd
Madelynne         V-7th, Bars-5, BB-10, FX-3              Overall-3rd
Jessica  V-7th, Bars-9, BB-2, FX-11              Overall-6th
Anyka   V-16th, Bars-12, BB-4, FX-1            Overall-8th
Holly      V-10th, Bars-23, BB-14, FX-11       Overall-16th
Stephanie           V-18th, Bars-23, BB-20, FX-19       Overall-21st
Amelia  V-3rd, Bars-25, BB-22, FX-24        Overall-23rd
L/2 Snr.
Abigail   V-7th, Bars-10, BB-4, FX-6              Overall-6th

From the results from both trials the Northern Region teams for State are calculated. 
The following girls gained a place on one of the teams.

Lvl 1 Junior- Lara - Reserve Team B
Level 1 Intermediate - Chloe - Team B
Level 1 Senior - Georgie - Team A, Abbie - Team B
Level 2 Junior - Emily - Team A
Level 2 Int -Ruby - Team A, Maddie - Team A, Jess - Team B, Anyka - Team B
Level 2 Senior - Abigail - Team B

A great achievement from all the Honda Gymnastics girls!

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