Grading Day

HGA 8 September 2013

Congratulations to all the girls who attended today's Grading Day. 

 1st - Paige W
 2nd - Abigail D 
 3rd - Ebony B 

All of whom passed Bronze and can move to Silver Classes from Term 4. 

 1st - Kiya H
 2nd - Acacia B
 3rd - Jemma V

Also Kate W and Sera C, all of whom also passed Silver Grading and can move to Gold level classes from next term.

Level 4 Skills Grading
 1st - Anyka D
 2nd - Emily P
 3rd - Ruby G
Also Jessica B, Maddie B and Stephanie T, Abbie D, Abbey T, Amelia W, Holly N

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