Grading Day - Term 2, 2013

HGA Sunday 16th June 2013

Congratulations to the bronze and silver gymnasts who attended today's grading day. 

Bronze Awards

 1st - Toby Newton
 2nd - Amelia Connett
 3rd - Philippa Preston

Congratulations to the following girls who also passed Bronze and if they wish can move to a Silver level class from term 3:

Ruby Jackson, Sophie Rich, Kaya Murphy, Hannah Thonell, Carmen Jones, Eleanor Bennett, Paige Williamson. Well done also to Sienna Dunlop for participating.

Silver Awards

 1st - Noam Tzur
 2nd - Sophie Waters
 3rd - Emily Leventhal

Congratulations to the following who also passed Silver and can move to a Gold level class: Gabriella Rostirola

Photos are available in the Photo Gallery.

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