Grading Day - Term 1 2103

7 April 2013 - Honda Gymnastics Academy

Congratulations to all the girls who attended Grading Day for Term 1, 2013.

Bronze Awards

 1st - Kate Waterworth 
 2nd - Chandre Cameron 
 3rd - (for the first time a 3 way tie!) Erin Cooper, Hope F, Jorja Hamilton

Congratulations to the following girls who also passed the Bronze Grading and can move to Silver Level:
Morgan Harkness, Ailyah Issa, Grace Saw, Bella Good. Erin T (to remain in current class due to age)

Silver Awards

 1st - Elisha Mistry
 2nd - Hayley Hawkins
 3rd - Gemma Hodge

4th - Charlotte Wilson

All of whom passed Silver and can move to Gold Level classes from Term 2. 

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