Kindergym - Toddler & Pre-school Gymnastics


KinderGym is a Gymnastics Australia program, it is a movement based learning experience for young children. Kinder Gym provides a safe environment where kids can develop important physical skills with an emphasis on fun and play! We have different classes for different ages and ability levels, come and join us for one of our daytime or afternoon classes!

Current timetable

Jumping Joeys - Kindergym for 3 to 4 years old (2 years before school)

This program caters for boys and girls from 3-4 years old who need a challenge, perhaps they have tried the Kinder Gym program and need a bit more structure! Children participate in a group warm-up, stretching and then use a wide variety of equipment in big circuits. Participants in this class must have an adult with them at all times but they stay with the group, take turns and perform specific activities at each station. 

The class is fun and teaches participants basic movement patterns that they can use in all other sports and activities. It is the perfect stepping stone before the Kindy Puppies class.

Kindy Puppies - Kindergym for 4 to 5 years old (the year before school)

This program caters for boys and girls from 4-5 years old in a challenging, non-threatening environment. Groups are small (6-9 children per coach). The class aims to encourage children to discover their own abilities in an environment with only the children and the coach. Being part of a group children learn to interact socially as well as develop their skills and physical strength. These classes are a stepping-stone from the Jumping Joeys to the Junior Gym Bronze program.

A wide variety of equipment is used in circuits to allow the children to explore basic movements in running, jumping, landing, hanging, swinging, balancing, turning, rolling and supporting their weight on various body parts.

The curriculum has been devised to enable your child to progressively develop basic movement patterns, so that good body tension and spatial awareness is promoted and within each lesson there is scope for extension and creative activity.

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Kinder Gym Information and Guidelines Kinder Gym Information and Guidelines (72 KB)