What is Icon Gymsports?

We are a cheerleading, gymnastics and dance club owned and run by Rosie Lewis. We have classes available for athletes aged 18months – 80years! 

What happened to Honda Gymnastics Academy?

Unfortunately, due to health reasons, Mr and Mrs Honda had to sell the Honda Gymnastics Business. It is now under new ownership and being run by Rosie Lewis. We still have all of the same great classes available and the same great team of staff.

What ages do you have classes available for?

Our Kinder Gym program starts for children aged 18months+, we then have programs available for all ages right through to our adults gym and parents pom classes which anyone 18years+ can do!

How can I book in for a class at Icon Gymsports?

To book your child into a class please give us a call on 94824341, one of our friendly staff will be able to discuss the programs we have available and work out which one suits you best. Alternatively you could send an online enquiry.

Can I do a trial class?

Of course! At Icon Gymsports you are always welcome to trial a class before deciding to book in for the term. Please call or email ahead to book in as places are limited.

How much are classes at Icon Gymsports?

Our fees work on a sliding scale, the more hours you do the cheaper your hourly rate becomes. If you are doing a 1 hour class per week the cost is $15per week, paid up front at the beginning of the term. There are also some annual fees that you need to pay. Please give us a call (94824341) or send us an email so we can tell you how much the fees are for the class you are interested in.

What does my child need to wear to their lesson?

Uniform requirements vary depending on the class. For recreational classes there is no set uniform, children are asked to wear firm fitting comfortable clothes that they can move about in and go upside down in. No belts or buckles. Shoes and socks are taken off at the beginning of class.

What does my child need to bring to their lesson?

A water bottle! That’s it.

Do I need to stay and watch their lesson?

This varies depending on the class. If your child is in Kinder Gym or Jumping Joeys you will need to join in on the class, Kinder Puppies parents are asked to stay and watch. If your child is in a program for school aged children you can stay or leave, it’s up to you! If your child’s class is longer then 1.5hours we ask that you do not stay.

What should I do if myself or my child is going to miss a lesson?

Please let us know ASAP if you are going to miss a lesson and we can try and organise a make-up class.

Do you offer casual classes?

We do offer trial classes however after that most of our programs run on a termly basis and you must sign up for the term. The only exception to that is our adult gym class on a Friday evening which does have a casual option.

What happens if I go away on holidays or change my mind? Can I get a refund of my term fees?

The only reason we offer refunds for term fees is for medical reasons and a doctor’s certificate must be provided. Unfortunately, we cannot do part term payments or refunds if you want to only do half a term. We do however offer make-ups if you miss a class.

If I join half way through a term do I have to pay for the whole term?

No! If a space is available in the class you want to join you are more then welcome to join. You will be charged pro rata for the lessons left in the term.

What is the make-up policy at Icon Gymsports?

If you miss a lesson you are more then welcome to do a make-up class providing there are places available. We highly recommend you book these in advance as spots are limited. Priority will be given to those who advised us of their absence prior to class. Only 2 make-up classes can be done per term and they must be done in the same term as the class that was missed. Make-up classes are not available for cheerleading lessons.

Does my enrolment carry across from term to term?

No! Towards the end of each term we will send out re-enrolment forms. If you would like to continue in your class or change classes please ensure you return the form before the end of term. If you pay before the end of term you will also receive a discount!

Do classes run on public holidays?

No! We do not run classes on public holidays, these missed lessons are accounted for in your term fees. This is why some classes have different fees per term despite the same training hours. 

Am I able to change to my child’s class or time?

Of course, if there is availability! Please give us a call on 94824341 or send an online enquiry and one of our friendly staff will help you out.

Will my child be covered by insurance?

Icon Gymsports is an affiliated club with Gymnastics Australia. All of our gymnasts are registered and insured with Gymnastics Australia, our cheerleaders all have accident insurance with DanceSurance and our trickers with Tricking Australia.  

Before your first class you will need to fill out a membership form. After your trial class you will be required to pay an insurance fee before you do a second class, this is not refundable for any reason.

How does my child move up a level?

Once per term Icon Gymsports runs Skills Challenge Days. All children in Bronze, Silver, Gold and Advanced Recreational are welcome to come along to these days and see where they are up to. If a coach notices your child needs to be moved up outside of these days they will speak with you.

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