2014 Presentation Day - November 30

A great time was had by all the gymnasts at this year's Presentation Day. 

Due to the number of gymnasts at the club we had two sessions to allow all the athletes to show off their routines and skills as well as their fun choreographed group routines. At the end of the display is the much anticipated presentation. At Honda Gymnastics we pride ourselves on the attention given to rewarding our very talented, up and coming gymnasts with a wide range of awards. 

2014 Senior Gymnast of the year:  Amy Percival 
2014 Junior Gymnast of the year: Lucy McKenna 
2014 Most Improved Gymnast of the year: Maravel Conte 

2014 Best Attitude and Effort: 
Holly Klockmann  (Silver), Winne Peasland (Silver), McKenize Lyons (Silver), Charlie Follows (Boys), Georgia Ennis-Hanby (Gold), Kiya Humphrey (Gold), Kate Marshall (Gold), Grace Walsh (Gold), Jemma Vaugh (Level 1), Acacia Boucher (Level 1 ), Sarah Purss (Level 1), Mika Conry (level 2)

2014 Most Improved Level 1 Gymnast of the year:  Emma Summerly-Davis
2014 Most Improved Level 2 Gymnast of the year:  Abigail Roberts 

Encouragement Award 
Brooke Parker, Chloe Mulcahy, Elisha Mistry, Jasmine Kelly, Mary O’Hanlon, Sofia Luduena, Isabel Simpson, Mia Kuhn, Kyle Bedwin, Rowan O’Meara, Matthew Bushby, Ethan Dobson, Dylan Dobson, Arabelle Mumford, Bethany Hibbard, Bianca Aeschlimann, Catherine Luszczynski, Charlotte Horbach, Charlotte Parasyn, Eliza Burr, Elyssa Purss, Keisha Sims, Lana Waddingham, Laura Parker, Lexie Younes, Liana Chai, Lily Whalan, Sophie Perrett, Tayler McLeod, Tegan Dowling, Timeka Collins, Lilly Edwards

State Stream/ Gala Representatives
Level 1 Prep:
Callie Binet (Gala), Erin Cooper (Gala), Bella Good (Gala), Felicity Smith (Gala), Amy Summerly-Davis (Gala), Jessica Wood (Gala), Grace Walsh (Gala) 

Level 2: 
Rachel Johnson (Gala), Taylor Ussher (Gala), Mika Conry (Gala), Lauren McDonnell (Gala)

Level 4 SS:
Stephanie Tran (Gala), Abigail Thorley (Gala), Amelia Wingfield (Gala), Holly Nesbitt (Gala), 

Level 6+ SS:
Leah Williams(Gala), Isabella Wagstaff (Gala) 

Northern Region / 4/5 Trial Representatives 
Rosie O’Hanlon – Level 1, Jasmine Sullivan- Level 1, Lucy McKenna- Level 1, Emma Summerly-Davis –Level 1, Bridie Savage- Level 1 , Caitlyn Nesbitt- Level 1 , Anika Watney- Level 1 , Georgia Mantis- Level 1 , Sera Conry- Level 1 

Amber Bennett -Level 2, Abigail Roberts – Level 2 , Chloe Martin- Level 2 , Sophie McKenna – Level 2 , Lara Wingfield – Level 2 

Madelynne Binet- Level 4 , Jessica Bird –Level 4 , Anyka Diancin- Level 4 , Ruby Gowthorp –Level 4 , Abbey Dunn- Level 4 , Georgie Shipton- Level 4 

Maravel Conte- Level 5 , Olivia Tingay- Level 5 

State/ National Representatives  
Abbey Dunn –Level 4, Abigail Roberts – Level 2 , Amy Percival – Level 6 , Anika Watney- Level 1 , Anyka Diancin- Level 4 , Emma Summerly-Davis- Level 1 , Georgie Shipton- Level 4 , Jessica Bird- Level 6 , Leah Williams –Level 6 , Madelynne Binet- Level 4 , Maravel Conte- Level 6 , Olivia Tingay- Level 6 , Ruby Gowthorp- Level 4 

Best Attitude and Effort Ballet - Catherine 

And the winning house was: Purple

Congratulations to all those who received an award this year. 

Photos are available in the Photo Gallery