2010 Presentation Day


December marks the time we celebrate the achievements of our gymnast from across the year with a display of events covering all ages, groups and apparatus skills. Parents, grandparents, siblings and friends fill the gym with enthusiasm to watch this event. Performances have been put together to showcase the abilities from our youngest gymnasts through to individual and group displays from our development and level gymnasts that highlight many of their winning performances from competitions across the year.

At the end of the display is the much anticipated presentation. At Honda we pride ourselves on the attention given to rewarding our very talented, up and coming gymnasts with a wide range of awards.

2010 Awards Presented to:

Senior Gymnast of the Year Award 
Isabella West-Just

Junior Gymnast of the Year Award
Sophia Nicita

2010 Most Improved Junior Development Gymnast of the Year Award
Grace Barry

2010 Most Improved Pre-Junior Development Gymnast of the Year Award
Holly Nesbitt

2010 Best Attitude and Effort Award
Isabella Wagstaff

Honda Gymnast House Shield 
Orange House

Medal – Encouragement Awards

Daniel Anthonisz, Diana Baynie, Madeynne Binet, Molly Blackshaw, Maravel Conte, Emmanuelle Dahdah, Emily Gates, Ruby Gowthorp, Brooke Hoffman, Tiana Hopcroft, Elyse Lorimer, Sophie Mckenna, Jessica Mollenbeck, Hanako Munning, Chiara Nunes, Emily Pearson, Katelyn Prins, Emma Smith, Sassy Soupidis, Iona Stanton, Georgia Rich and Olivia Taylor

Trophy – Encouragement Award

Boys Gymnastics:
 Aaron Schmidt
Trampoline: Dana Schmidt and Chloe Stride
Silver Gym: Georgia Rich
Recreation Gym: Juliette Dahdah and Samantha Thomson
Level 1 – NDP: Ashley Boyd, Sasha Hornery, Ella Johnston, Isobel Macdonald and Phoebe Pollard
Level 2 – NDP: Ella Hodgeman, Georgia Hornery, Brooke Laurie and Lauren Millar
Level 3 – NDP: Jessica Binet, Amy Percival, Sally Potter, Amelia Travis and Leah Williams
NB: NDP - National Development Program

State Representative Award

Level 1 – State Stream 
Rebecca Andrews, Megan Bushby, Sophie Choi, Lauren Clark, Vivienne Farrugia and Maxe O’Kelly

Level 1 – NDP State Representative 
Junior: Georgie Brunello, Erica Pittman and Olivia Tingay 
Intermediate: Sophie Tingay 
Senior: Mimi Rosenbaum 

Level 2 – NDP State Representative 
Junior: Ella Chitty and Jasmin O’Connell
Intermediate: Ayla Newman 
Senior: Emma Andrews 

Level 3 – NDP State Representative
Intermediate: Georgia Nemeth, Sophia Nicita and Isabella Wagstaff 

Level 4 – NDP State Representative
Kelsi Lemenager and Ashleigh Ross

Level 5 – NDP State Representative
Charlotte Thomas

Level 6 – NDP State Representative
Isabella West Just

National Club's Competition Award 

Level 4:
Lauren Fisher, Kelsi Lemenager, Georgia Nemeth, Sophia Nicita and Ashleigh Ross
Level 6: Isabella West-Just