Staff Profiles

Rosie Lewis

Owner and Club Director

Rosie grew up in the local area, starting her gymnastics training at 4 years old in Berowra's community hall. Rosie continued with her training until the age of 17 when she switched over to cheerleading. In 2011 she competed at the Cheerleading World Championships.       » more


Gymnastics Coach

Brigitte is an experienced and qualified gymnastics coach who loves working with the gymnasts. She is a Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Intermediate Coach.
A former elite gymnast, Brigitte enjoys sharing her love of gymnastics.       » more


Gymnastics Coach

Amy was a competitive gymnast until 2015 and continues to pursue her love for the sport by coaching.       » more


Gymnastics Coach

Bella has always been a part of gymnastics and the club, she started gymnastics when she was 6 and
      » more


Gymnastics Coach

Bianca is a recreational Gymnastics Coach.       » more


Gymnastics Coach

Emma is a gymnastics coach and coaches silver and level 1 groups.

      » more


Gymnastics Coach

Hannah was a competitive gymnast for 7 years reaching level 7 in 2015.

      » more


Gymnastics Coach

Jack is a qualified gymnastics coach at Icon. He coaches bronze, advanced recreational and he joins in on the adult class.

Jack has done gymnastics since he was 6 and loves passing on his knowledge.       » more


Gymnastics and Tricking Coach

Josh coaches many classes at Icon from bronze, silver, advanced rec, tumbling, gymfit for boys, teen gym and tricking.       » more


Gymnastics Coach

Kim is a gymnastics coach with Icon. She has joined Icon Gymsports in 2016 and is looking forward to sharing her love for gymnastics with the Icon community.       » more


Gymnastics Coach

Louisa coaches kindy gym and recreational gymnastics.       » more


Gymnastics Coach

Maravel is currently a successful competitive gymnast with Icon.

      » more


Gymnastics & Parkour Coach

      » more


Gymnastics Coach

Nicky is a Beginner Coach.

Nicky did gymnastics for 6 years reaching level.

Nicky coaches recreational gymnastics, kinder gym and cheerleading.

NIcky is also on a competitive Icon cheerleading team.       » more


Gymnastics & Tumbling Coach

Sam is an all rounder coach at Icon, coaching Gymnastics, both recreational and competitive, as well as Tumbling, Parkour, Tricking and Cheerleading.
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Office Manager

Sarah joined Icon in 2016 after working in the Hospitailty for over 15 years.

Sarah looks after the day to day running of the office as well as the accounts at Icon.       » more


Tumbling & Cheerleading Coach

Scott joined Icon in 2017, Coaching both tumbling and Competitive Cheerleading.       » more


Head Of Cheerleading

Shayla joined Icon in April 2017 after relocating to Australia from California.

Shayla studied Public Relations and Ethnic Studies at CSUF graduating in 2012.

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Gymnastics & Cheerleading Coach

      » more


Tricking Coach

Tommy coaches Parkour and Trickng at Icon.       » more

You're in Safe Hands

All our gymnastics coaches are certified with Gymnastics Australia to ensure that your children are being taught properly and safely.