2017 Display & Presentation 

This years Display and Presentation will be a Musical theme. All seat proceeds will be donated to charity. All Recreational and Competitive Gymnasts including; Bronze, Boys Beginner, Silver, Gold, Advanced Recreational, Advanced Boys, Teen Gym, Tricking, Parkour, Mid Year Cheer Team and all Tumbling athletes along with all Competitive Squads, will be performing at the Display. We will keep in touch with dress requirements. All athletes will be working on the display in the upcoming weeks. Please see below times for the day.  Tickets are available for purchase from the office or over the phone. Be quick we sell out every year. 

      Recreational Athletes - including all recreational, tumbling and freestyle athletes

  • Arrive for dress Rehearsal 8:30am
  • Doors Open: 10am
  • Display Starts: 10:15am
  • Presentation: 11:45am
  • Finish: 12pm

      Competitive Gymnasts - including all competitive squads

  • Arrive for dress Rehearsal: 12:45pm
  • Doors Open: 2:15pm
  • Display Starts: 2:30pm
  • Presentation: 4pm
  • Finish: 4:30pm
What to wear/ bring: Please make sure your child has enough water. Especially if it is hot!
Bronze: All black shorts and a different coloured top. Hair in high pony tail for girls.
Monday: Green
Tuesday: Yellow
Wednesday: Red or Pink
Thursday: Lightish Blue
Friday: Orange
Saturday: Dark blue
Silver and Gold: Black pants, blue top, hair in plaits.
Advanced Recreational: All black. Hair in high ponytail and teased.
Boys Advanced: As much brown as possible – Tazarn themed.
Parkour and Tricking: All black
Wednesday 4.45pm and Thursday 7pm Tumble: Black shorts and White top
Wednesday 7pm and Friday 4.30pm Tumble: Black shorts and Orange top
Tuesday 7pm and Friday 5.30pm Tumble: Black shorts and a very Fluro top.

Levels Gymnasts will perform a group display as well as their competition routines. They will need their leotard as well as their display costume.
Lime and Mint: Arrive in competition leotard and hair. Bring black shorts and a yellow top.
Teal, Emerald, Aqua and Navy: Arrive in competition leotard with hair. Bring black shorts and a white top.
Royal and Indigo: Arrive in training leotard with hair. Bring competition leotard and 1 piece swimmers; the brighter the better. Girls are also welcome to wear boardies if they would like.
Titanium and Platinum: Arrive in warm up leotard. Bring competition leotard and display costume. The girls have decided what this is. 
Onyx: All boys are to wear one colour on top and bottom. Josh will tell them what colour tomorrow.